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January 15th 2021
With instant valuations, remote valuations, online 3D tours and secure video or telephone calls, you can now sell or let your property without leaving the house. 
January 11th 2021
Great news! We're extending our offer for 3D floorplans and video tours. We're giving a FREE 3D video tour to all properties that are listed with us before 31st March 2021.
December 22nd 2020
There is no denying the stamp duty holiday has created considerable activity in the property market. Buyers have enjoyed the chance to save up to £15,000; and the deadline is encouraging people to move sooner rather than later.
December 11th 2020
There is no denying how we have dealt with the pandemic, and the lockdown period, has shaped how we look at life. The property market is just one of the areas which has seen a significant change in buyer demand.
December 10th 2020
During the festive period we will continue to open our doors to help you with your property. Be it buying, selling, letting or valuations. There are days when we will be closed though. Please be sure to check our hours. 
December 7th 2020
The impact of the stamp duty holiday is notable on the housing market. With buyers having the chance to save up to £15,000; it is easy to see why many people and households are keen to move.
December 4th 2020
It would be correct to say the pandemic has impacted how we think about virtually every aspect of our lives. At Intercounty, we work closely with a range of buyers and vendors, and we know people are looking for different things compared to what they wanted in 2020.
November 27th 2020
With the UK currently in recession, most people will be reviewing their personal finances, and their business finances, if applicable. If you are a landlord, it is natural you will review the market, and try to predict what is likely to happen next.
November 23rd 2020
The stamp duty holiday has invigorated the housing market, ensuring there is a high level of activity. When the housing market re-opened in May, there was a lot of activity, but there were also strong doubts as to whether this demand would be sustained.
November 20th 2020
The stamp duty holiday has incentivised people to engage the housing market, and there shouldn’t be a surprise as to how many people are currently looking for homes. However, there might be surprise at how quickly houses are selling in the current market.
November 16th 2020
We're delighted to announce we are now offering 3D floorplans and video tours for our properties. And to celebrate we're giving a FREE 3D video tour to all properties that are listed with us before 31st December 2020.
November 16th 2020
We know selling your home can feel like a daunting prospect. Thankfully, we have considerable experience of selling homes.