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March 17th 2022
Selling your home seems like a massive task, but the reality is, it is a lot of smaller tasks and steps. Some of these activities can be undertaken at the same time, but equally, there are some steps that should be concluded before you move on with the process.
March 11th 2022
Trading Standards and the government have jointly announced compulsory material information which must appear on property listings.A property's council tax band or rate (for lettings and sales) and the property price and tenure information (for sales) must be included on all property listings by 31st May 2022.
March 7th 2022
We all know the official documents and guidelines refer to Sawbridgeworth as a village, and in many ways, this is an accurate assessment of what local life feels like. However, when you consider there is a population of around 8,000 people, and there is so much on offer in the local area, there is no denying this space feels like a town in some aspects.
February 28th 2022
At Intercounty, we know that people often fall in love with a home at first glance. There is a lot to be said for instant gut feelings, and we believe many people have decided to buy a home after no more than a few minutes in a property.
February 25th 2022
At the end of 2021, the Bank of England announced an increase in interest rates. This was the first interest rate rise in more than three years. The change saw interest rates move from 0.1% to 0.25%.
February 21st 2022
We are still early in 2022 that people are keen to look ahead, and see what is likely to unfold over the course of the year.
February 17th 2022
One of the most commonly asked questions for an estate agent is whether the homeowner should conduct the viewing.
February 14th 2022
While there is a lot of information regarding the cost of buying a home, there is not a lot said about the cost of selling your home. It is natural to think that as you are selling your property, money will flow towards you, or at least be paid for the ownership of your home.
February 11th 2022
When it comes to buyer behaviour in the housing market, there is no denying the importance of open spaces, and having the ability to get out and about.
February 7th 2022
As we move towards spring, we move towards the busiest time of the year in the English housing market, at least traditionally. It is fair to say there have been significant changes in the housing market in recent times, and a lot of things we know and recognise are no longer the case.
February 4th 2022
If you are looking to move to a new area, you have plenty of options. It can be difficult to narrow down your choices, but at Intercounty, we are always here to help.
January 21st 2022
When it comes to making the most of 2022, it is perfectly natural people will look to make some changes. If you are keen to move home soon, you need to consider a lot of factors.