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November 30th 2021
While we provide many services for landlords in and around Braintree, one of the most important tasks is connecting landlords with the right tenant.
November 29th 2021
In life, it is natural that people ask what is coming next. No matter what is happening now, people tend to have an eye on the future, and this is certainly the case with the housing market. If you are looking for guidance in the Bishop’s Stortford housing market, Intercounty is here to assist you.
November 26th 2021
It is fair to say that the pandemic, and associated lockdowns, have changed what is important for many people. This is true when you consider the housing market, and what people are looking for in their home.
November 25th 2021
Right now, any sort of good news is welcome, and we believe there are many reasons why landlords in and around Stansted can look forward to 2022 with some optimism.
November 24th 2021
Christmas is a time for goodwill and festive cheer. And what better way to make our tenants smile than with our festive giveaway?
November 23rd 2021
The Bank of England is expected to announce interest rate rises in the coming weeks. Embrace Financial Services (EFS) is urging existing and potential borrowers to address their current or future mortgage needs to minimise the risk of higher mortgage repayments in the future.
November 22nd 2021
When it comes to going to the property market, it is vital that you enter the market with confidence.
November 19th 2021
While the past few years have been challenging, there are some causes for optimism in the rental market right now. If you are a landlord in Saffron Walden, and you are looking for support and guidance, we are more than happy to help you.
November 16th 2021
One of the most important, and most challenging, tasks associated with moves in the property market is settling on a price. As a vendor, setting an appropriate asking price is a challenge, and then you need to be ready to negotiate to find the sold price.
November 16th 2021
The government recently announced that it will make £65m available to support low income households who are in rent arrears, as a result of the pandemic. As a landlord or a tenant, what does this mean for you?
November 15th 2021
If you’ve decided 2022 is going to be the year you move to a new home and you have a property to sell, then we recommend you get started now. Getting your property on the market before Boxing Day will give you the best chance of getting a buyer in place quickly – but with Christmas coming you’ll need to act fast.
November 10th 2021
A new survey by an online letting firm found an interesting range of answers when it comes to the rental market and energy-efficiency, and the most important take-away for landlords is that 98% of tenants say they would prefer to live in an energy-efficient home.