Would Decor Put You Off Buying A House?

July 10th 2014
By: Melanie

This really depends on the buyers ability to be able to imagine a space without the offending décor or item in a property that they don't like, or how much or if any work they are intending on doing within their new property.

Whether a pink bathroom suite could put off a potential buyer can also depend on whether it has been reflected in the price. Major turns offs include signs of damp, water damage, half finished DIY projects and poor finishing.

The cost of changing a kitchen or bathroom, or having to add a bathroom can be seen as a major cost for buyers, so depending on how much work they plan to do, or how much money they have on top of the house purchase could put off a potential buyer.

However if work needs doing to a property in a popular area, buyers could view it as a chance to make money on a purchase, so estate agents employ terms such as 'potential' when marketing a such a property.

Mirrored, artexed or foam tiles on the ceilings can also be seen as serious work and major expense to put right. Living next to a busy road, river, international airport would also need to be reflected in the selling price of a property.

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