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Work from home? How to maximise your working day

November 13th 2016
By: Melanie
Work from home? How to maximise your working day

Over the past decade more and more of us are able to work from home, it’s estimated that over 4.2 million1 people now use their homes as a work place. Working from home has so many benefits, with the most noticeable one being less commuting time and more work time, but it does take a certain mindset, especially if you don’t have a dedicated workspace - like trying to avoid eye contact with that stack of ironing you didn’t get done at the weekend, or just loading the dishwasher, or just putting on a wash. So here are a few ways in which you can maximise your working day.

The best way to maximise your working day is to stick to a schedule, like getting up at a set time every day and getting dressed before you start work.

Make sure you ring-fence your working time at home, let your friends and family know that popping in for a hot drink at any time of the working day isn’t always convenient. If possible avoid all mobile and social media interaction that's not work related - save it until you have a break mid-morning or at lunch-time.

If you don’t have a dedicated home workspace, then working from home can be exceedingly tricky and disruptive. Try and create a space that you can use each day, and if you work in a noisy environment try using headphones and listen to some relaxing music. Heating your work space in winter can be challenging too, you probably won’t want to heat your whole house just for one room, so think about installing a woodburner which can double up as a stove for boiling water for hot drinks throughout the day or use an electric oil radiator in your work room, which are also fairly cheap to run.

Set yourself targets which fit in to your work schedule, for example when you’ve finished a straight run of work, have a pause and do some of the thing which need doing around the home such as clearing away the breakfast dishes, or hanging out the washing. If you work at a desk it’s good to allocate times throughout the day when you get up from your desk and do something else.

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