With Winter Is On Its Way, Please Help Us To Raise Money For The Homeless

November 16th 2011
By: Melanie

One of our property negotiators, Matthew Farrington from the Bishop’s Stortford Intercounty office, who slept on the streets earlier this year in order to raise money for Shelter, told us of a recent trip to London where he came across a homeless woman.

After a visit to a concert, Matthew took a tube to Waterloo Station, where him came across a homeless lady and her small dog. He was shocked by the amount of people who just passed her without acknowledging her plight.

So whilst at Mc.Donald’s, Matthew bought the homeless lady a hot cup of coffee.

He told us: “This is something I never would of done before, but after one night sleeping the streets I could only imagine the struggle and pain she goes through every night in the freezing cold.”

With winter on its way it’s so important to help raise money to try and get more people off the streets. Intercounty are trying to help Shelter raise £20,000, but they still need more support, if you would like to make a donation please visit Intercounty’s Shelter page.