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Winter Warmer Packed Lunches For Children…

November 15th 2013
By: Melanie

In order to warm up your children’s packed lunches this winter all you need is a flask or a food flask and you can send them off with a hot lunch to throughout the winter. Kids Konserve have insulated food jars for £15.95 available to buy on line.

Hot lunches are relatively simple to prepare and if you make large batches you can freeze the rest into lunch sized portions and defrost when needed.

*It’s important to make sure that if you send your child with soup that you allow time for it to cool slightly before pouring it into the flask, just incase your child spills it.

• Noodles and vegetables- slice carrots, peppers and a small onion and fry with garlic in a wok, boiling your noodles for the required time. Then drain the noodles, add them to the wok and mix in with Chinese sauce or soya sauce, and your cooked vegetables and then pour them into a flask.

• Soup* – it’s possible to create soup from almost anything, fry onions in a pan first and then add vegetables and vegetable or chicken stock and cook for about 20 minutes, then blend. Pumpkins are readily available at this time of year, so why not try out our pumpkin soup recipe and add it to your child’s flask.

• Warm rice pudding – warm up a tin of rice pudding or make your own and add it to the flask, this can accompany a wrap, sandwich, pasta or any other savoury lunch.  

• Pasta with tomato sauce – whiz up about 6 tomatoes in a food processor, finely chop one garlic clove and a small onion and simmer for about 20 minutes, you can also add tomato puree if necessary. You can then freeze it into individual portions, and then cook the pasta fresh in the morning, defrosting and warming your tomato sauce before adding to the pasta.

• Baked Beans with chedder cheese, a cheap and nutritional lunch, served with a side dish of buttered bread.

• Left over’s – you can use any left over meal for this, but make sure you heat thoroughly before adding it to your child’s flask.