Winter proof your home

September 27th 2017
By: Melanie
Winter proof your home

It’s this time of year that we start to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead to prevent any strong winds, heavy rain or freezing ice and snow from causing damage to our homes, as well as maximising its efficiency.

First of all check your roof, you can do this from ground level, look out for missing or broken tiles. An accumulation of leaves or moss could prevent water from being able to run off causing your roof to leak.

Gutters can also cause lots of damage in freezing weather if they are not cleaned out annually, as leaves can restrict the flow of water, freeze and then burst your pipes.

Fencing – checking to see if your fencing panels are properly secured to prevent them from blowing down.

Make sure you know where your stop cock is located, because if you do have a pipe burst you might need to turn it off quickly.

Plug up any drafts in your letter box, windows and doors.

Prevent heat from escaping through your roof cavity by making sure that it’s properly insulated.

Get your boiler serviced if needed and bleed any radiators that need doing, as by doing this you will maximise the amount of heat they radiate. Boilers work best at one bar – you can check this by looking at the pressure gauge normally located underneath the boiler. If it’s any higher you might want to call out a heating engineer.

Open your curtains on a sunny day, as the sun will help to warm up your room, and then draw them as soon as dusk falls, which is normally about 16:30 at this time of year.

If your windows are not double glazed, then consider fitting some insulation film, Stormgaurd sell glazing insulation film for £7.99 plus delivery, for 6m2 of film. Simply clean your windows thoroughly before applying, cut and fit.

Fit a chimney balloon - If you are not using your chimney you could be loosing up to 10% of heat from your home, by buying and placing a chimney balloon you could prevent heat loss. The chimney balloon store sell them from £20.00.