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Winter Blues...How To Energise Yourself This Winter

November 13th 2014
By: Melanie

If you suffer from lack of energy in winter, you will not be alone, over 40% of doctors consultations of this time of year are based around people feeling drained of energy, so how can you get an energy boost this winter.

* Alcohol can have a really negative impact on our energy levels, so make sure you are following the guidelines on how much you should drink per week -, so try and have regular periods without drinking, perhaps avoiding it mid week and drinking at the weekend.

* Keep fit - by keeping fit you will naturally increase your bodies energy levels, mental health and concentration.

* Avoid to many white carbohydrates this can make you feel sluggish and cause energy dips, try and keep to brown pulses, rice and pasta which release energy more gradually.

* Make sure you get enough sleep - this depends on each individual, but the average amount of sleep is 8 hours per night.

* Winter fruits - in winter it's really important to increase the amount of berries we eat, these are packed full of vital vitamins and will increase our energy levels. A good way to make sure you get these all winter, is by black berry picking each autumn and then freezing them in portion size bags to use throughout winter. Diet plays a huge part in making us feel energised, make sure you eat plenty of nuts and fish too.

* Vitamins - magnesium is a great supplement if you are feeling low in energy. Holland and Barrett sell this supplement Calcium and Magnesium with Vitamin D tablets, a great all rounder in winter as we lack vitamin D in the UK, which we naturally get in summer from the sun.

* Check your weight - if you are over weight, even slightly your organs will need to work harder to maintain your body, by getting down to your recommended weight could make a real difference to your energy levels.

* Drink plenty of water - up to 60% of our body is made up of water so if you don't keep hydrated this could also make you feel lacking in energy, the average adult should drink 2 litres per day, if you want to make sure you are getting enough then fill up a jug or bottle so that you can measure your intake, and keep it up every day.