Which Type Of Coals For My Bbq?

July 8th 2015
By: Melanie

Traditional methods of using a coal grill seem to be having somewhat of a revival in the UK with many of us choosing to move away from gas BBQing, as they just don’t deliver on flavour. However with such a huge choice of barbeque coals it can be hard to chose which one would be best for your BBQ food, so we’ve checked out some alternatives for you:

Jim Beam Oak Barrel BBQ smoking chips – whiskey smoke flavour

These chips available in 750g bags are made from white oak barrels used to age whiskey in. These wood chips will give your BBQ’d food a unique smoky taste. They can be used in smokers or BBQ grills.

Hickory wood chips – lovely smoky flavour

These are very similar to the Jim Beam chips, but they are slightly cheaper, they will also infuse your food with a lovely wood smoky flavour.

Coal Briquettes  - burns for a long time – good for slow cooking meat

These are made from coal dust, compressed and then reconstituted into briquette shapes. These generally burn longer than lumpwood charcoal as the compressed nature of the briquettes means that they take longer to burn down. They are also a good idea if you have a small BBQ grill as they take up less space.

Lumpwood charcoal – good if you want to cook quickly

You need to go for a good quality lumpwood charcoal. They don’t burn as hot as coal briquettes or last as long, but they are good if you want to cook your food quickly, as they burn hot and fast, reducing cooking time.

If you go for a real hardwood lumpwood charcoal this will burn for longer and will be virtually smoke free.

Finally if you would like to inject even more flavour into your food then place some herbs onto your coals, such as Rosemary, Bay leaves and Thyme. If you feel as though you really want to improve the smokiness of your meats or fish then try wrapping them in hay – but be really careful as you could end up setting more than your food on fire.