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Which Splash Back For Your Kitchen?

July 9th 2015
By: Melanie

A splash back in a kitchen is one of the most important factors to get right both aesthetically and practically, as it is one of the most prominent factors in a kitchen area. So we have checked out some of the choices available:


Porcelain or ceramic tiles are usually a popular choice as they offer versatility. Tiles are relatively cheap, resistant to heat and moisture and if one chips you can take it off and replace it quite cheaply. Think about the usage as well, if you won’t be using your kitchen very much then tiles with white grout will work well, whereas a kitchen with heavy usage would be better with dark grout, as it will show up less stains. You can now buy digitally printed tiles too, which can resemble wood or stone or any other images you would like.


Always go for tempered glass as this is much more durable and will be less likely to scratch. I recently bought some clear tempered glass and then painted the back with a vintage green gloss, as this worked out cheaper than buying coloured glass and then used a strong adhesive to stick it to the wall. You can also get digital images printed onto glass as well

Stainless steel

This can give a very sleek and modern look to a kitchen, however it can be difficult to maintain, as after a while it can start to look dull if not cleaned properly and it can also scratch quite easily.


This is still a very popular choice of splash back, but it doesn’t come cheap, highly polished granite is generally more popular in a traditional style kitchen where as matt granite usually looks better in a contemporary style kitchen. Granite is also very easy to clean, but make sure you seal it properly before use, as it can be very porous.


This can be a much cheaper option than other materials, and it comes in a large selection of colours and finishes. It can be wiped down easily but cannot be used with gas hobs as it is not be flame resistant.


Such as Corian is a solid surface countertop is made from acrylic and alumina trihydrate. This splash back gives a seamless finish to any kitchen and it is hard wearing. However you do need to make sure you buy a well known brand as the quality can vary between brands.