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Which room in a property would convince you to buy it?

September 19th 2018
By: Melanie
Which room in a property would convince you to buy it?

Generally speaking the two most important spaces in a property for buyers are usually the kitchen and the hallway. Often home sellers overlook the hallway, but in most cases, this space is where home buyers will get the first glimpse of your home, giving them their first impression of whether they like your property or not. 

Kitchens are important as they are often considered as being the heart of a home, it’s the place where most people are drawn to, you’ll often see that the kitchen will be packed at a party whereas a lounge will remain relatively empty. The other reason why kitchens are so important to home buyers is the expense of putting it right if it's not to their taste. 

Next on the list of importance, especially for the first-time buyer, is the bathroom, as this too is looked upon as being expensive and an upheaval to change. If you are planning on making your bathroom appealing to a buyer don’t underestimate the importance of a bath. If you don’t have space for a separate shower and bath, then makes sure you have a shower over a bath, as this makes it more appealing to a larger audience. 

According to the National Association of House Builders second-steppers, nearly three out of four house hunters (72%) say that a laundry room would be an ‘essential’ feature of their next home, more than those (59%) who said that a living room would be necessary. *

Open-plan living still remains popular in homes, especially when it comes to the kitchen and dining room, people often like to use these areas to socialise or cook whilst their children are doing their homework.

Most family buyers will expect at least one en-suite and some for each bedroom, but this obviously depends on the budget. 

A room with a view can also be important for homebuyers trying to relax after a busy day. The general flow-through is also important, a neutral flowing palette throughout the whole property will make it feel bigger and more appealing. Such as a complementary colour choice in different rooms.

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*source: Second-Time Homebuyers Would Rather Have a Laundry Room Than a Living Room