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Which heating system for your rental property?

November 12th 2016
By: Melanie
Which heating system for your rental property?

If you have recently purchased a rental property or are thinking about updating the heating in your rental property then you will probably be considering either gas or electric.

One of the main advantages of having a gas heating system is that most tenants will usually be familiar with this type of heating system, they are also relatively cheap to run, so would be a good choice for tenants. However central heating does require quite a bit of maintenance, yearly servicing and can be quite temperamental. Night storage heaters have improved over the years, becoming more efficient, long gone are the days when they keep the house heated all night and none during the day. They are relatively easy to maintain and could offer a good choice of heating – however this type of heating isn’t as popular with tenants. They are also still quite clunky and unsightly.

Over the past few years electric heaters have really evolved, they are relatively inexpensive to install, all you need to do it to fit them in close proximity to a socket, they also require very little maintenance. Unlike storage heaters they emit heat instantly. However electricity at the moment is still much more expensive than gas, so it might not be a very popular choice for tenants.

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