Which Broadband Supplier?

November 8th 2012
By: Acquarone

With over 75% of the UK population using broadband, the chances are that you will have had to pick from one of the many different suppliers promising you the fastest speed and widest coverage. We have put together some pointers to help find the best deal for you.

Some broadband suppliers offer a special introduction price for new customers, but the best offers do tend to tie you in for longer. Most broadband contracts are normally a minimum of 12 months. By using one supplier for all your services, such as broadband, gas and electric might help you to achieve a better deal.
If you are going to use your broadband to download large files, such as films and so fourth you will need a fast download time, so it is important to check the speed of the of broadband different companies are offering, this can vary from street to street. Check out this website for more information, on the fastest broadband in your home

If you are considering changing broadband supplier, then you will need to check to see how long you are locked into it. If you are at the end of your broadband term, and don’t want to change supplier, you could always try haggling with the price they are charging, most companies prefer to keep your business. To see the latest broadband prices on offer then you could visit a comparison sites,  but remember to check the speed they offer in your neighbourhood before committing.

Source: Ofcom (2011)