When Choosing A New Home, Is Considering Available Storage Space Really That Important?

August 21st 2012
By: Melanie

For many potential buyers, the amount of available storage space can be high up on a check list, especially if your home is aimed at the family market. Storage space can be a problem in older houses, where large original door height cupboards have been converted into living spaces, which leaves a house with inadequate storage space. Most new houses have much more available storage space, as architects and developers have realised how important storage space is in an average family homes.
If you are considering adding a loft conversion it’s important to consider your storage needs, as taking away such a large area for storage could impact on the rest of your home. However in the planning stages you could consider making large storage cupboards in the eaves of a loft space with large hatches to access your items.  
An average family home will need enough space to house coats/shoes/wellies, an ironing board, kids games – large and small, pots and pans, possible food storage such as a pantry – these are becoming more and more popular again as the veg home growing trend picks up speed, bedding/towels/duvets, toiletries, clothes, and stuff you want to keep and not throw out.
We checked out the website and they offer these cupboard amounts based on their research:
For 2 people – 4 cupboards
For 3 people – 5 cupboards
For 4 people – 5 cupboards
For 5 people – 6 cupboards
For 6 people – 7 cupboards
For 7 people – 8 cupboards
At the end of the day, the amount of storage you will need really comes down to how many people live in your home, and the key seems to be in the planning. An average storage cupboard will have approximately 1/3 of a square metres worth of space, however this is only an approximate guide, and working out how much storage you will need is down to your own individual needs.