What You Will Need To Make Your University Room Feel Like Home…

August 29th 2013
By: Melanie

If you’ve just received you’re A’level results and are planning to head off to University in the new term, you will probably be wondering what you will need to take to make your University room feel like home, so we’ve put a few pointers together:

 • Pack a box with all of your treasured nick-nacks to take away with you, if you have an old trunk even better as you will be able to turn this into an impromptu chair or bedside table.

• Take with you any interesting items from traveling, this will make your room look unique and will also work as a good conversation point. But avoid any cliché type posters such as Keep Calm and Carry On.

• Take more than one set of knives and forks so that you can invite people back to your place to socialise, if you can afford to buy some interesting wares all the better.  The Love food Hate website also has a special page for students, where you can cut food waste and money
• The practical things – you will need to take practical things such as a cork screw, laundry bag, extension lead and desk lamp.

• Games – you probably won’t have much money to go out so make sure you take some good old fashioned board games, such as monopoly and a pack of cards.

• As you will probably spending the majority of your downtime in bed, make sure you invest in some nice bedding.