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What will 2019 bring to home interiors?

November 12th 2018
By: Melanie
What will 2019 bring to home interiors?

It’s at this time of year whether you just love keeping up to date with the latest trends or are part of the design industry that you will start to look ahead to next years fashion trends. 

Over the past few years we have seen a move away from the ‘greys’ reflecting years of post-economic collapse, a time of austerity and cost-cutting and instead we have moved more towards warmer hues of browns and terracotta, and metallic bronze in lighting and accessories as things have improved, or perhaps just to cheer ourselves up. 

London has led the way with top end restaurant chains having adorned their interiors with highly polished surfaces, dusty pink velvet chairs with a mix of natural materials. 

The colour set to take centre stage next year is matt black, baked reds, dusty oranges and terracotta, with bursts of colour of violet, mixed pinky apricots and gold. Ditch the silver taps, gold is back in! Which means that probably not that far in the distant future we will probably be bringing coloured bathroom suites into our homes, but hold off for now. 

If you would like to introduce some of these colours into your home then move away from accent walls, and instead think about decorating your ceiling and skirt boards, as well as radiators, panelling or woodwork in an accent colour, such as matt black or even a deep rich blue. This contrasted against ivory painted walls can look very chic and is bang on trend. If you want to introduce a complimentary colour into your cushions and curtains, dark rich blues work really well when contrasted against golds and dusty pinks. 

If you are re-doing your bathroom and would like to introduce some modern shades then consider doing the grouting in a golden yellow colour, gold taps and some natural accessories such as some indoor plants, or sustainable materials such as wicker, woven materials, something with texture, and beautiful curved edges. It’s all about mixing and matching in 2019, bringing a warm and opulent feel into our interiors.

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