What To Do In The Vegetable Garden This August?

August 15th 2014
By: Melanie

The UK has experienced one of the warmest summers since 2003 and if you have invested time in a vegetable plot this year, then hopefully you will be reaping the rewards.

The recent heat would have been wonderful for your ripening spring planting onion bulbs, the leaves should be yellowing and falling off, but resist the urge to pull off the leaves as this could result in infection and disease.

Continue to feed tomato plants, and pinch out the tops, so they can concentrate on the fruit - this is a great year for tomatoes, last year many growers had to throw out green tomatoes.

Herbs - cut back your herbs and freeze or store in the fridge in newspaper. Don't forget mint doesn't freeze very well!

If you have sown your carrots and beetroot in Spring these will be ready to harvest now, or you can keep them in for a while longer.

Water your vegetables daily when hot, and clear away any weeds.

If you are growing potatoes keep an eye out for potato blight, and destroy any infected plants straight away.