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What To Do In The Garden This September...

September 18th 2015
By: Melanie

September is a busy time of year in the garden there is so much to do to start preparing it for the onset of winter. If you have a veggie plot then you will be busy harvesting all of your summer vegetables such as tomatoes and courgettes before the start of the autumn frosts.

Fragile plants such as geraniums and other flowering pot plants will need to brought indoors or put in a green house over winter. It’s a good idea to bring in herbs such as parsley and mint so that you can benefit from fresh herbs throughout the winter.

Prune and tidy up any plants and clear up annual plants that are no longer flowering.  No is the time to divide herbaceous perennials.

It’s this time of year that we need to think about planting daffodils, crocus and hyacinths for next spring.

September is a good time of year to plant any perennials as the soil is still warm but wet.

If you are growing pumpkins for Halloween then make sure you cut back any large leaves covering them.

At the end of this month it’s a great time for planting garlic and onion sets.

Create compost heaps in readiness for fallen leaves.

Now is a good time of year to give your lawn some attention, such as sowing grass seeds or laying turf. If you have found that your lawn is water sodden, now is a good time to aerate it by getting a fork and pricking the grass. Keep your lawn mown and fertilise.

Start thinking about what you are going to grow in your garden next year.