What To Do In The Garden In May...

May 14th 2013
By: Melanie
What To Do In The Garden In May...

May is a magical month in the garden with all of the new fresh growth, and it's this month when it's time to start planting bedding plants, and other flowers or vegetables which have been cultivated indoors, however do be careful of late frosts, and protect plants if necessary.

• Flowering spring bulbs, such as daffodils and spring-flowering bulbs will need to be divided if overcrowded and replanted for next year.

• It’s a great time of year to start tidying the garden, such as trimming hedging before it gets to warm (as too much sun can turn the ends brown), and mowing the grass weekly.

• Prune out frost damaged parts from evergreen plants. Mature trees will respond less well to pruning.

• Make sure that shrubs and plants do not dry out between rain showers.

• Taking cuttings - if you would like to take any cuttings, May is a good time of year to take softwood cuttings from plants such as Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Philadelphus and Spiraea.

• De-bug - this is the time of year to watch out for bugs demolishing your garden, check roses for signs of blackspot, aphids and any other plant eating insects.

• Involve the kids - planting vegetables is a great way to get children interested in growing their own food, so why not let them help you to plant some vegetables too.