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What To Do In The Garden In July...

July 2nd 2013
By: Melanie

The weather has finally warmed up and most of us will be enjoying our gardens, so we have made a list of few jobs that need to be done around the garden this month.

In the vegetable garden:

* Keep harvesting any vegetables that are ready

* Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes and feed

Although we have had a really late summer this year you can still seed these vegetables outside: Beetroot, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, French beans, fennel, lettuce, radishes, peas, parsley, turnips and Swiss Chard.

In the fruit garden:

* Harvest any fruit that is ready to eat
* Prune blackcurrants as you harvest
* Harvest red and white currants and gooseberries
* Pick raspberries if ready and then prune

If you are going on holiday this summer you will probably need to hoe and weed your flowerbeds and vegetable patch before you go, if you lay mulch on your beds this will help keep the weeds down whilst your away.

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