What To Do In The Garden In April…

April 19th 2013
By: Melanie

It’s finally time to get back in the garden, after what feels like an eternal winter, so what needs to be done this month:

In the flower garden…

• One of the first things is to think about jet washing paths, patio and decking, after the long winter you will probably find a thick layer of slippery algae.

• After such a harsh winter, all of the nutrients in the soil would have washed away, so if you can, dig in 5cm of compost or well rotted manure into your beds.

• It’s a good time to dig up and divide your perennials, to create more plants for your garden.

• Tie climbing plants to their supports.

• Trim back daffodils and tulips, if they have finished, leaving the leaves to die back naturally.

• Make sure that your pots remain well watered as they might dry out.

• After the winter, your grass will probably need some attention, so add some feed and weed – a handy tip if you have had a party, is to dilute any half finished beer with water in a watering can, and then water your grass, as this acts as a good fertilizer.

What to do in your vegetable garden…

• As with your beds, you will need to add a 5cm or more layer of compost. If you have a compost bin, you might be able to use this instead of buying a bag.

• Fork over the soil and break up with a fork.

• Carrots - these will need to be thinned

• There are several crops which will need to be sown at this time of year, such as parsnips, cabbages and so fourth. If you haven’t had a chance to plan your garden, then pop into your garden centre/or look on-line and see what you fancy growing, all of the growing information will be available on the seed packets or on the plant’s tickets.