What to do in the garden in April - veggies

March 24th 2016
By: Melanie
What to do in the garden in April - veggies

If are planning on growing veggies this year, then you need to start preparing the soil by digging it over - ideally working in around 5cm or more of compost. If you have been cultivating your own compost bin over winter then take a look to see if you can use it to nourish your beds instead. Once you have done this, remove all weeds and fork through the compost into the soil. To prevent the soil from going cold before planting, cover with some thick plastic or tarpaulin.

Once your potatoes have sprouted you can plant them out in mid April, but make sure you leave enough space between each plant. Plant shallots, onion sets, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke tubers. Now is the time of year to start sowing vegetable seeds such as beetroot, Swish chard, carrots, leeks, pickled onions, spring onions, radishes, lettuce on window sills, greenhouses or under cloches in boarders. If it’s very mild then you could plant out French beans and sweetcorn under cloches, if not wait until the end of May before planting these outside.

Vegetables to sow are:


Early Turnips


Broad Beans

Early Peas

Brussels sprouts

Kohl Rabi




Spinach Beet