What To Do In Our Gardens During December

November 30th 2012
By: Acquarone

Unsurprisingly work in the garden tends to slow down during December, with most preferring to sort out the house rather than braving the cold outdoors. Fortunately there is not much to do. Here is a short list of the top 10 things to do in the garden this month to help prepare you for the New Year.

- Ensure that your winter protection structures are all intact and still in place.

- Check that the heaters inside your greenhouse are functioning.

- Regularly check your ponds and stand pipes for any signs of freezing.

- You can prune your apples and pears that are grown in the open, leaving those grown against walls.

- Consider pruning your acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding.

- You should also harvest your leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage and remaining root crops, after all you will need them for Christmas dinner!

- Despite the cold weather, you can still plant and transplant your deciduous trees and shrubs.

- Take hardwood cuttings

- Take the necessary precautions to ensure that no mice get into your stored produce.

- Don’t forget to reduce the amount of water you give your house plants.