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What is your idea of a dream home?

September 5th 2017
By: Melanie
What is your idea of a dream home?

Most of us have a clear idea of what a dream home might be from having a new, large kitchen, dining space to views over rolling countryside so it was interesting to read that only 22% of people in England live in their dream home. These stats come from research conducted by Halifax Insurance who stated that living in a large property doesn’t always mean that it’s a dream home – with 62% of those people surveyed already living in extensive properties worth over £500,000.

It’s no surprise that a new kitchen was top of the list for buyers when it comes to their idea of a dream home, compared to conservatories which have dropped in popularity – their study shows that home owners have spent around £11,000 on both these home improvements.

To achieve their dream homes property owners are tending to build up, out and down. In London they say that basement planning applications have increased by 183% since 2012. With total planning applications in England rising by 27% and single story extensions increasing by 49% and loft conversions 43% in the past five years.

However in recent times this figures has dropped, between June 2016 to May 2017 planning permission applications only increased by 2%, much less significant than the previous 6% in 2015.

Although conservatories remain less popular in other parts of the UK, they are still a popular home improvement choice in Cornwall and Wiltshire. Kitchen improvements are most popular in Edinburgh where they are 10% higher than other parts of the UK.

A preferred choice for women property buyers is having a home with a separate utility room where as men tend to look for extra spaces they can turn into a man cave or games room.

What would be your ideal home? What do you look for in a property? Please let us know on our FB page.