What Is Wrong With A Modern Bathroom?

September 8th 2014
By: Melanie

Some people might wonder what is right with a modern bathroom, they say for functionality the western toilet is too high, the sink is too low in many bathrooms for shaving and face washing and apparently the shower is a death-trap.

A recent Guardian article says “We fill this tiny, inadequately ventilated room with toxic chemicals ranging from nail polish to tile cleaners. We flush the toilet and send bacteria into the air, with our toothbrush in a cup a few feet away. We take millions of gallons of fresh water and contaminate it with toxic chemicals, human waste, antibiotics and birth control hormones in quantities large enough to change the gender of fish.”

The article suggests we just can’t afford to do it this way anymore but “if we are going to do something about the incredible waste of water that is the modern bathroom, radical changes may be required. A lot of Britons are proud of going net-zero or off-grid with their electricity and energy supply; it’s time to consider going off-pipe too.”

According to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (Post): “Over 10bn litres of sewage are produced every day in England and Wales. It takes approximately 6.34 GW hours of energy to treat this volume of sewage, almost 1% of the average daily electricity consumption of England and Wales.” You’re not net-zero if you are flushing your waste into the sewer.

Composting toilets however are the only real alternative but they seem a long way from a conventional loo, but amazingly they are getting closer than you might think. “There are vacuum toilets that suck it all away to the composter using almost no water; there are foam flush toilets that are almost indistinguishable from conventional bowls”. Companies such as Clivus Multrum the article says, “supply not only the toilet and the composter, but also a service of emptying it”, too!