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What does your door colour say about you?

October 2nd 2017
By: Melanie
What does your door colour say about you?

Front door colour can be somewhat of a talking point especially if it strays away from a common colour choice. Front doors are often viewed as giving a sneak preview of the type of person who lives inside, and according to a study by Dulux Weathershield passersby will often make a judgment about a person within 10 seconds of seeing their front door colour.

Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist, says this isn’t surprising: “The front door is traditionally the first impression the outside world gets, and gives an insight into your life.

“Taking pride in the exterior of your house not only improves the aesthetic of your home, but can also add to the perceived value. A small change can make a big difference.”

In the estate agency world we often talk about the importance of curb appeal – making sure that first impressions of a property count, Dulux say that a third of Brits would pay 25% more for a home with freshly painted doors and brickwork.

So what does your front colour say about you?

Red, is a sign of luck and a warm welcome. In North America early settlers used to paint their doors read to show hospitality. If you paint your door red it’s probably because you want to get noticed.

Orange – this has become a very popular choice for contemporary homes as it gives a modern fresh feel to a building. It’s the colour most associated with communication, movement, intelligence and flexibility.

Yellow is supposed to signify clarity, intellect and creativity and positive charge. It is also an uplifting colour. A person who chooses this colour door will probably have leadership qualities.

Green symbolises renewal, growth, rejuvenation and transformation –it’s also a very in vogue colour at the moment. A person who chooses this colour will probably be grounded in the community and will have traditional morals and values.

Blue is considered to be harmonious and restorative and the choice of colour for those people who are successful but conservative.

Black this is the most traditional colour for a front door, and shows a sign of secrecy and unwillingness to follow fashion trends.

Grey some people might see you as being a bit uptight, in reality it’s one of the most popular door colours for contemporary homes and show appreciation of beauty and subtlety.