Ways In Which People Use Their Basement Spaces

December 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

In recent years more of us have been turning to developing our basements and not just for an extra storage space, but as a vital part of extra space within our homes.

Depending on the size and outside openings, there can be so many possibilities for using our basements. Houses which are built on a slope have a particular advantage when developing a basement that they often open up at a lower ground floor level, enabling that space to be used as art studios, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms.  

Home cinemas have grown in popularity over the past few years, basements with little light are perfect for this purpose. Home gyms are also a popular choice, or games rooms with pool tables, depending on the available space.

Lack of parking has also resulted in people using their basements as a car park, this is type of parking is already popular in built up areas.

Other ideas we have seen are basements being used as casino dens, with a staircase that is concealed from the first floor by shelving, and a fish tank which expands from the ground floor into the basement, previously show cased on George Clarkson's Amazing Spaces. Home owners have also thought of clever ways in which to use the space for underground swimming pools as well as spa rooms. The choice of how to purpose your basement space can be endless, however you will need to consider lots of different factors, and consult an architect before developing your space.

The top five ways in which people use their basement spaces in the UK are; as an extra family space, laundry rooms, media rooms, games rooms and as an annexe.