Warm your home’s interior with wood this winter

October 29th 2016
By: Melanie
Warm your home’s interior with wood this winter

Woods, such as beach, oak and plywood have had a massive come back in home interiors over the past couple of years. It’s all about going natural, a sort of remake of the arts and crafts era with a modern twist. Gone are the days that we all went a bit potty of pre-packed, large runs of manufactured furniture, which you could identify anywhere, now it’s all about buying, eclectic, one off pieces of furniture, made from natural materials, be it wool, glass, metals or natural oiled woods.

With this new craze has come our taste in Scandinavian interior design - that beautiful homely warmth that comes from those countries so battered by the cold, homes that offer a respite from the elements and almost give you a proverbial hug as you walk through the door on a cold winter’s night.

If you’ve been inspired by Scandinavian interiors, here are a few ways in which you can introduce it into your home. Websites such as Houzz, Pinterest are always a great source of inspiration, they tend to be right up-to-date and offer some great ideas. Danish design is slick but homely, some interiors are covered in floor to ceiling ply wood, if this is a bit too much then you could consider introducing one wall of wood, either ply or with wooden boarding, the second option gives a real depth to the room, or if you prefer you could wallpaper a wood-effect onto the wall, if you were lived through the 70’s this probably conjures up memories of plastic coated walls, but with modern printing techniques stylized wallpapers really have moved on.

If you add the odd coloured ceiling pendant and a few pieces of elegant Danish furniture, wool throws and cushions this will help to complete your scheme.