Valentine’s breakfast this weekend with a twist…

February 14th 2018
By: Melanie
Valentine’s breakfast this weekend with a twist…

If you haven’t had a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week then how about you treat your partner to breakfast in bed this weekend? We’ve checked out the BBC Goodfood website to find some unusual breakfast treats. 

Firstly, a recipe Poached eggs with avocado and feta toast, they say this is a delicious combination of avocado, salty feta and little chilli and a runny poached egg. 

How to achieve a perfect poached egg

If you are wondering how to achieve that illusive runny poached egg you're not alone, many cooks often struggle with getting this just right. However, one technique which does seem to work is to place the egg into a cup and slowly pour into the simmering, not boiling water for around four minutes if you would like a soft to firm poached egg. Another technique is to add a bit of vinegar, which is supposed to help bind the egg and for those of us who just can’t poach an egg no matter how many time we’ve tried there’s the egg poaching pan.

Once you’ve worked out how you are going to cook your poached egg then you can start to mash up the avocado and feta with the back of a fork, then add a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper. Then slice the bread with your avocado mix and then add the egg and enjoy. 

Cooked breakfast muffins

If you would like something more traditional but with a bit of a twist how about making cooked breakfast muffins. First of all line a baking tray with some cooked hash-browns, then push these around the sides and bottom of the individual bun trays, then chop up some bacon add this to the bottom crack an egg into each one and cook for around 12 minutes or until the egg looks cooked on 190c.