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Upcycling in the home…

April 14th 2016
By: Melanie
Upcycling in the home…

The method of using old furniture and upcycling has been around for many years, probably since the arts and crafts movement in the UK between 1880-1910. But the actual terms upcycling, preloved and remodeling have only really been used in every day language over the past fifteen years. If you are not familiar with the term “upcycling” it is when we transform a product, a piece of furniture or waste material and turn it into a better product.

The aspect that makes upcycling so appealing in the home is that generally old furniture made from hardwood tends to be made from better materials than modern Formica products, which tend to fall apart after a few years, but because the latter often look more stream lined or because of peoples lack of vision, these newer pieces of furniture are often the preferred choice.

However if you would like to buy an old piece of furniture or would like to try and upcycle an existing piece the best way to approach reinventing it is by looking for some ideas of styles you like online. The most radical way of changing a piece of furniture is to repaint it, and if necessary change the handles, even wallpapering fronts of draws is a popular design statement this season. If you are looking at simply repainting, make sure you clean and sand your furniture well first, the key is in the preparation and then use two different colour paints, and then sand or rub back to the colour underneath. For the full method please follow this link

If you are looking at changing the appearance of an upholstered piece of furniture you might want to check out some local courses available in the Essex area, please follow this link

Source: The Guardian