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Understanding your rights as a landlord

August 2nd 2017
By: Melanie
Understanding your rights as a landlord

If you are currently renting out your BTL and would like to do repairs or service to your property then you might be wondering what your rights are about accessing the property.

Here is a summary of your landlord rights:

  1. You will need to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to your tenants, in writing if you would like to visit the property.
  2. A visit must be carried out at a reasonable time of day.
  3. Notice can be given by letter or email but not by SMS.
  4. Routine checks outlined in a rental agreement must also be requested in writing.
  5. In an event of an emergency or if you are providing a room-cleaning service you do not need to give 24 hour notice to your tenants.

If your tenant refuses entry to the property, you will need to write to them informing them of the implications such as them being liable for any repairs you are not able to do.  If a tenant says that the proposed time is not convenient try and rearrange a time, which is more convenient.

If your current tenant plans to move and you would like to invite prospective tenants to view the property you can only do this once the notice has been served by either the tenant or the landlord and within the last 28 days of the agreement, and again with 24 hours previous written notice.

Even if you have a good rapport with your tenant make sure that you keep to the above rules, because doing so could result in misunderstanding and possible prosecution.