Tucking Up The Garden For Winter…

October 30th 2013
By: Melanie

At this time of year we need to think about clearing and protecting our plants for winter, so we have put together a check list of things you need to do this autumn:

Cutting back:

• Cut any perennial back however certain types such as Asclepias (Butterfly Weed), Chrysanthemums and Heuchera (Coral Bells) fare best if cleaned up in the spring, as they prefer to keep their foliage throughout winter.

• Wait for the first frost before cutting back, as you will encourage new growth that will be hit again. Get rid of any plants that are diseased, but do not compost as this might spread to other plants.

Clearing up:

• Harvest everything above ground in the vegetable garden and under fruit trees.

• Clean up overgrown areas, to prevent pests and animals from nesting.

• Clean and disinfect plant pots with a bleach cleaner, store the soil elsewhere to reuse and put the pots undercover.

• Clean all tools and put away for winter.


• Get flowering bulbs, garlic and rhubarb in the ground, before it freezes.

• Bring any herbs or vegetables into the house and plant in pots for winter.

• Plant any shrubs or trees – this is a great time of year to plant these. But make sure they have water even in winter.


• Cover up any plants that are fragile in your garden.

• Mound soil or mulch around the base of grafted roses, but remember to remove it in the spring.

• Make sure you dig up and bring any tender bulbs inside for the winter.

• If you have any plants in pots such as Geraniums these will need to be stored inside for the winter.

Then start to plan ahead for what you are going to grow next year.