Travel For Less This Summer….

June 9th 2015
By: Melanie

If you are planning a holiday this year there are more options available now than ever. With so many choices and offers available it can sometimes be a bit over whelming, sites like Trivago combine various holiday websites such as, Expedia and so fourth, however they are still quite expensive. If you are looking at holidaying on a real budget there are quite a few other good platforms where you can book your holiday, even if you are looking at going camping. So here are our top picks if you are on a tight budget: – this is a site where people with big gardens open them up for you to either bring your tent, camper van or caravan for your holiday, and the bonus is that they cost a fraction of the price of a normal campsite, there is often more availability and if they have a pool you can use that too. Animals are welcome to quite a few and you can check out what facilities they have before booking. We found one site in a 4 acre garden in the South of France, where the owner can make you a feast from his bio veggie patch for a fraction of a cost, prices of a pitch are €8 per night instead of around €25 for two people.

Sofa Surfing – if you want to get to know the locals or if you are on a really tight budget this is ideal. You basically sleep on someone’s sofa or in their spare bedroom and it’s free, in return you have to offer your place free to other travelers. I recently had some friends in their 50’s use this site for a holiday in Berlin, they said that the guy was really friendly – hosts are scored on hospitality etc. and it was a great way of getting to know the local area from a local perspective, in return they took him out for an evening meal, but this is optional. – if you don’t fancy sleeping on a sofa you can use this site to find accommodation in people’s private apartments, houses, villas or even a room in a house – most of the accommodation is much cheaper than if you were looking at staying in a hotel or complex. There’s a really good choice and if you are thinking about staying in a capital city, they can offer real value for money. As with most sites they have a rating index as well.

Home swap sites – if you fancy exchanging your house for someone else’s this is a really good way to do it for free, it’s predicted that nearly half a million brits could be home swapping by 2017 – sites like and are really good sites.

Youth Hostels – in the past these haven’t had the best of images, but they now seem to offer good value for money for a clean and basic product. It’s also possible to reserve family rooms with en-suite showers for a fraction of the cost, if you are traveling around Australia this is a really good way to stay on a budget.

Visit friends – why not visit your friends, this is a great way to have a free holiday and you can enjoy spending time with your friends too.