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Top Gardening Tips For The New Year

December 19th 2012
By: Acquarone

The start of the New Year is a tough time for all of our gardens. January is typically one of the coldest months of the year and as the frosts set in we choose to stay indoors rather than venture outside, however this is one of the times of the year our garden's need us most. Here are a few tips to help kick start your gardening year and ensure your garden stays in shape.


  1. Recycle your old Christmas tree by shredding it for use as mulch.
  2. Remember to ventilate your greenhouse on the occasional sunny day.
  3. Dig over any vacant plots in your garden that have not already been dug.
  4. You should consider repairing and reshaping your lawn edges.
  5. If you are growing apples and pears now is a good time to spend a few minutes pruning the trees.
  6. Begin to prepare a polythene shelter to cover outdoor peaches and nectarines to protect them from peach leaf curl.
  7. Inspect stored tubers of Dahlia, Canna and Begonia for rots or drying out.
  8. Keep replenishing the food and water you may have left out for hungry birds. Much like your gardens, birds struggle in the winter as food is particularly scarce.
  9. If you plan to force your rhubarb now is the time to start. Here is a link to a website that details the forcing process and breaks it down into 3 steps.
  10. Now is a good time to start planning your vegetable crop rotations for the coming season. The Royal Horticultural Society have compiled a fantastic guide to crop rotation that you can view by following this link.