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Tips on how to winter proof your home

September 18th 2019
By: Melanie
Tips on how to winter proof your home

The end of summer is in sight and now it’s time to start planning ahead for the winter months to ensure that our house is as ready as it can be for winter. It doesn’t need to be an expensive job to ensure your property is ready but it could save you £’s on your heating bill and repairs this winter. 

  • Check your gutters, downpipes and gullies to make sure they are in good condition and clear from debris. 
  • Lag your heating and hot water pipes if they are not already this could save you pounds on heating.
  • Get your boiler serviced to make sure that it’s safe and working to its full capacity. 
  • If you have an oil or LPG tank make sure you order your fuel in plenty of time
  • Make sure that your loft is properly insulated as 120mm to 270mm could save around £12 a year.
  • Check that you have the best deal on your energy.
  • Take a look at your roof to make sure there are no slipped or cracked slates or tiles. 
  • Add draught-proofing to windows and doors
  • If you have wood flooring then add rugs to absorb the heat
  • Not using your fireplace? Make sure that you fit a chimney balloon. 

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