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Tips On How To Make Small Room Feel Bigger…

August 29th 2012
By: Melanie

If you have a small room in your house here are few inexpensive ways of making it look bigger:

• Try and buy multi-functional furniture, such as a chest that combines as a coffee table, or a sofa that doubles up as a bed. Keep furniture to a minimum this will give an   impression of a larger space.

• Move all furniture to the edge of the room so it makes the room look larger than it is, and try to make sure your furniture is proportional to the size of your room, an oversized sofa will make a room look smaller. If you buy a new sofa try and buy one with open arms, as this will give the impression of space, and glass tables will also do the same thing.

• If you paint some furniture the same colour as the walls, it will have the effect of merging into the walls, making the room look larger.

• Introduce mirrors into your room that reflect the light as this will also give feeling of space, this will also give the illusion of depth. Light is a key element in making a room look larger.

• The colour of your walls is also very important, a dark colour will make your room feel smaller where as light colours such as white will make your room look larger. Large print wallpaper could also make a room feel smaller.

And finally try not to clutter your space, as by keeping clutter to a minimum will also help to make your room look bigger.