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Tips On How To Make A Budget Christmas Dinner….

December 20th 2013
By: Melanie

Every year it seems that us Briton’s will fall into the same spending trap at Christmas, with many of us having to pay back Christmas debt throughout the following year. So we have provided some ways in which you can cut back on the cost of your Christmas feast this year:

Instead of buying a Turkey why not consider buying a chicken or a couple of chickens, they are not only cheaper but are also much easier to cook. If you do choose to buy a turkey, then check out the prices across farms, butchers and supermarkets as these can vary hugely.

Create your own gravy, just use the juices from the bird or a stock cube, season, add a tablespoon of plain flour and some white wine and you will have the perfect sauce to accompany your feast.

Make your own stuffing – this really can be made from anything, the base will need to be bread, preferably slightly stale, an egg and then a mixture of fruit and herbs. Sage and onion stuffing is the most traditional, just put all your ingredients, season, whiz up until fine, season and add to an oven proof dish with knobs of butter on top and cook for around 25 minutes, or until it goes brown. Not only does it taste better than packet stuffing, you can use up old store cupboard ingredients to make it.

Vegetables, try and source your vegetables from your local market, not only will they be nice and fresh they will probably be cheaper too. Spice up brussel sprouts by chopping them finely, and then frying them with bit of Chorizo or bacon, add honey and cinnamon to your carrots or parsnips. Sliced red cabbage with dried raisins and balsamic vinegar is also very tasty. If you love crispy potatoes then make sure you boil them for around 15 minutes draining them in a colander and just before your empty them into boiling hot oil, bash them on the sides of the colander, this will make them really crispy.

If you like Yorkshire puddings on Christmas day, then don't turn to the frozen type, just make sure you don’t store your eggs in the fridge, add two eggs to a boil with plain flour, about 2 tablespoons, a pinch of salt and then add milk until it goes into a nice liquid consistency. It’s really important to make sure you heat up the oil in your bun tin until it is really hot, and then place in a hot oven for around 20-25 minutes until risen.