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Tips on getting your kids back to school…

August 25th 2016
By: Melanie
Tips on getting your kids back to school…

It’s that time of year again when we have to prepare for getting the kids back to school. If you're sending them off for their first year it’s a very special time which can also be fraught with stress from both the sides, even for those children who are used to going to school. Getting back into a routine is one of the hardest factors, especially if you have been used to a laid back summer.

As with most things in life the best way to have a stress free week is to be prepared – create check-lists and planners, so that you don’t have to retain everything in your head. The Netmum’s website is packed full of useful tips for parents preparing for the new school-term including uniform the basics, among their advice they suggest buying uniform which has to be bought from specialist suppliers with logos from the specified shops and to save money buying the rest from generic stockists like M & S. For their full 10-point plan please follow this link.

If your child takes a pack lunch to school each day then check out some the great recipes on the BBC’s website, they offer balanced meals with all of the ingredients recommended by the NHS, such as proteins, starch, vegetables and dairy.

For more fantastic tips for getting your kids back to school please check out this link to the Netmum’s website.