Three beautiful houses for sale which enjoy wood burners

January 13th 2020
By: Melanie
Three beautiful houses for sale which enjoy wood burners

There is something very alluring and primitive about a wood burner, the flames dancing can be somewhat hypnotic and sitting in front of one relaxing with a good book in the evenings and weekends is really enjoyable. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can also be a really good way of cutting down on heating costs, especially in the evenings if you want to give your home a boost of heat or just keep one room warm. Animals are also drawn to fires too, you will often find cats frazzling themselves and dogs curling up in front of them. 

Wood burners over the past decade have become more and more popular, they have superseded the old style of open fires, as they are much more efficient, as the latter used to lose 80% of the heat up the chimney. 

If you keep the glass of your wood burner clean, the best way to do this is to use newspaper mixed with a few of your fire's ashes then you can enjoy many hours of watching your fire.