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This Year's Family Paddling Pools - The Cheapest To The Most Expensive

June 14th 2013
By: Melanie

Summer feels as though it has finally arrived and now is the time most of us start thinking about making a splash in our gardens, by purchasing paddling pools for our little and big ones. So we have taken a look at the choice of family paddling pools available from the smallest to the largest:

One of the least expensive paddling pools on the market is the Splish, Splash, which is available to buy from Argos at £9.99 for a brightly coloured, ringed paddling pool. It is quite small, but because it’s shallow it is more suitable for a younger child. There is also a repair kit included. To take a look visit their website.

John Lewis has a small selection of paddling pools available on-line, starting with the Intex round paddling pool, which is suitable for a slightly older child of 6 years and upwards, and its 37 cm wall height looks quite sturdy, this is priced at £29.95 and they still have 10 left to purchase on-line. Surprisingly they don’t seem to sell larger pools.

The on-line retailer Splash and Relax offer a vast array of paddling pools with a starting price of £4.49 for the smallest up to £149.95 for their largest pool family sized pool, which is a rectangular frame 157” pool, including a filter pump with free home delivery. To see their huge choice of pools visit their website.

Having a paddling pool in the garden is a great way for all the family to have fun throughout summer, but it’s important to consider the safety aspects of having one in the garden.

So we have put a guide together on how you can make your paddling pool safe:

It’s important to make sure a paddling pool visible, especially if your child is under four years of age, as statistically half the children who drown are aged four or under - pools come in an enormous range of sizes, some are huge, but currently there are no real safety rules in the UK concerning the safety of paddling pools or swimming pools.  

If possible you could also install and paddling pool in a fenced off area, preferable 2.2 metres in height, and when not in use it’s best to empty it.

The Health and Safety executive made this statement about the safety of paddling pools: “A paddling pool, even if shallow, involves a low but irremovable risk of drowning (even with parental supervision) but this is normally tolerable. The likelihood is typically extremely low, the hazard is readily apparent, children benefit through their enjoyment and through the learning experience of water play and finally, further reduction or management of risk is not practicable without taking away the benefits.”

Another consideration when maintaining your paddling pool is to keep the water safe, as this will prevent eye, ear and nose infections, there are various paddling pool water treatments available on the market which if used properly will ensure your child doesn’t fall ill.

 And finally make sure you and your family have lots of family fun.