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Thinking of relocating? How to decide if an area is right for you…

May 23rd 2017
By: Melanie
Thinking of relocating? How to decide if an area is right for you…

Moving to a new area and making sure you get it right is probably one of most important decisions you will make, as the alternative could be that you will find yourself feeling unhappy or going through the expense of having to move again.  

When considering relocating you need to make sure that you chose an area you can afford, use our property budget calculator to work out how much disposable income you can have

Once you have worked out this out check out the local community, if you are thinking of moving to a village or town a good way to see if there is a good community spirit is by checking notice boards to see how much is going on. Pop into pubs/cafes and chat to them about the area. If you are relocating to a new area with a family check out the local schools to make sure they are suitable for your children.

Once you’ve chosen an area you would like to move to then you will need to think about whether you want to move somewhere with nightlife, or somewhere in the country, if you prefer to live near shops to can walk to, work out how long it will take you to get to friends and family, will you need fast internet, if you need to commute then make sure there are good travel links. If you want to put some clarity into your decision a good way of doing this is to write a list of pros and cons about an specific area or lifestyle.

Then you will need to decide what type of property will suit your needs the most, including how many bedrooms do you need? Will you be happy living in a conversion or in a property without its own front door? Do you want a garden or a terrace?

If you’re still not sure about whether an area will be suitable you could always rent a home first, this will give you a really good insight into a new area too.