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Things to do with the kids on a rainy day

June 2nd 2016
By: Melanie
Things to do with the kids on a rainy day

Summer hasn’t really got going yet – it’s real mix of warm days interspersed with cold ones – one could argue that it’s just like a typical English summer, but it can be really difficult to know what to do with the kids on days like this, especially if it rains at the weekend, so here are some suggestions of things you can do with the kids on a rainy day:

A trip to the library

If you have young children why not plan a day out to the library, you could spend sometime with them reading and choosing some books. Libraries are such comfortable areas to spend time in.

Give your child’s room a make over

Kids love making their bedrooms nicer - even if it’s just adding some more storage or creating a feature wall, or a chalkboard where children can draw on.

Indoor treasure hunt

Create an indoor treasure hunt, using clues so that your children can guess where to look for the hidden treasure, you could do a paper trail of clues, which eventually leads to prize, such as a new film, or a book filled with things to make.

Create a film

You don’t have to have a camera for this they could use your iphone, decide on a theme and help your children to create their very own film. This can be really good fun, and afterwards you could settle down and watch it with a bag of popcorn.

Make a book or a magazine

Use old magazines to help your child to create their own magazine or book, sticking down the pictures and adding text.

Indoor camping

If you have small tent or wig wham or even a large sheet you could put this up in your lounge or drape it from sofa to sofa and help your child to create an indoor den of their own.


There is nothing kids like more than doing a bit of baking, cupcakes, cakes & biscuits – ask them to choose what they would like to make.  Mine especially liked helping with the washing up, well until about the age of 6 when they went the opposite way.

For more ideas why not visit the Netmum’s website:

Source: Netmum’s