The Top Tenant Complaints...

November 27th 2014
By: Melanie

Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic rise in people renting in the UK, in 2002/03 only 2.2 million rented, these figures rose to 3.9 million last year, with half of all renters being 34 years of age or younger. This has led to stiff competition in the rental market, especially in the South of England, where rental demand outstrips supply.
Many would-be-tenants are forced to wait for a property to become available, so the last thing on their mind is normally whether they will have a helpful landlord when it comes to repairs and maintenance. However if you are a tenant and have been unlucky with your rental property it can be a nightmare.
In a recent survey it cited that these were the top tenant complaints:
1.  Faulty boilers (29%)
2.  Leaking roofs (22%)
3.  Mould and condensation (14%)
4.  Faulty showers (14%)
5.  Faulty window locks (10%)
6.  Broken windows (8%)
7.  Faulty smoke alarms (6%)
8.  Pests and vermin (6%)
9.  Noisy neighbours (4%)
10. Problems with fire escapes (2%)
Some of the tenants surveyed have to wait for long durations before a problem is rectified; 20% are having to wait for as long as two months, with 12% saying that the landlord has never fixed the problem, only a third of them said that their landlords fixed the problems quickly, within a couple of days.
At Intercounty we take any complaints by tenants very seriously, and make sure that if we are managing a property, where we are dealing with the on-going maintenance that these issues are dealt with swiftly. We understand that nothing can be as frustrating as have to wait to have a broken window fixed or the danger of living in a house with a faulty boiler. All boilers and gas appliances need to be serviced every year by a CORGI registered heating engineer, who will issue a Landlord gas safety check which will then be given to the tenants or management company.
Any gas or major electrical faults in a property should be dealt with within 24 hours or less. This applies to heating and electrical problems. Water leaks should be dealt with within a 24 hour period, if there is a fitted cooker in the property this needs to be dealt with within 48 hours with other broken appliances such as washing machines, dish washers the maximum time should be 72 hours.
Source: PropertyLetByUs