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The Smallest House In Great Britain...

June 20th 2013
By: Melanie

Size can be everything when considering buying or renting a new home, so we have decided to check out the smallest house in Britain.

The smallest known house in the UK is Quay house, built in the 16th Century, situated in Conway, in Wales. The house is tiny, with the floor area only measuring 3.05 x 1.8 metres, smaller than today's UK building regulations for a bathroom which is 3.6m2.
The Quay house was inhabited by Robert Jones, a fisherman who was 6ft 3 inches tall. The ceilings of the house are only 10ft 2 inches, so low that Jones couldn't even stand up. Jones was made to leave his home because the council said that the house wasn't suitable for human habitation.

Since then the house has stayed in the family, and it is open to the public, attracting thousands of visitors each year, it's possible to visit the house for a small charge. If you manage to squeeze inside you will be able to see the stove, a water tap, a bedside table and a bed, the only furniture which will fit inside this tiny house. 'Compact' and 'Bijoux' would definitely be the buzz words if it ever was to go on the open market.

Attribution: I, JK the Unwise