The Property Cycle - Scotland

August 16th 2012
By: Acquarone

Martin Farrington, associate director at Intercounty has participated in a charity cycle ride through Scotland to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his frst update on his journey.

What a day! I set off from South Shields saying farewell to Jon, Sean and the others and headed into the unknown, literally as all I had was Graham saying “keep the sea on the right and you can't go wrong”.

I eventually arrive at the Tyne pedestrian and cycle tunnel and once on the other side I raised the spinnaker and set sail for Berwick averaging 19 mph over the 74 mile journey, once there my wing man Graham located me with supernatural perception and guided me to nearest cafe for a cup of tea and teacake with loads of jam - new fuel for the next leg.

About 3pm I set off again for what we guestimated another 20 miles and after heading down on to the coast road and a superb descent, you guessed it, a 3 mile climb out of the village, but hey what goes up must come down but I never banked on the next climb back to the A1. I have never been so happy to see a main road.

The wing man once again pulled one out of the hat and got us into a nice hotel suite/apartment in Dunbar (where there were no rooms left) at very little cost with enough room to hold the Intercounty Xmas party in.

Anyway, time for sleep and look forward to another adventure tomorrow, we hope to end up a day ahead of ourselves after visiting 2 Your Move branches in Dalgety Bay and then Dundee, tea and cakes on order.


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