The Property Cycle - Day 30 - Portsmouth To Poole

August 28th 2012
By: Acquarone

Jon Cooke, director at  Intercounty has been cycling around the UK to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his lastest blog about his journey.

 At last  a bright sunny start and we started from the ferry terminal in Portsmouth and were joined by the best dressed team of cyclists we had so far, the Marsh & Parsons cycling team,  whose marketing department had worked overtime and dressed them in skin tight “Chris Hoy” style full length suits which didn’t leave much to the imagination! Peter Knight from the Property Academy  also joined us, this was his second day, having joined us in Brighton yesterday.

We were also joined by  Dayoo,  who to be fair to him had all the gear but not much idea, he quite literally had everything colour coordinating, the gloves matched the outfit, the outfit matched the bike and matching water bottles, unfortunately his cycling didn’t match the equipment but he showed great determination and a sense of humour because he regularly fell off at junctions! He would approach a junction and fall off and then leave a junction and fall off again, culminating in a steep hill climb where he was in completely the wrong gear, broke his bike and we had to call to him a cab to take him to Yarmouth,  he then had to call the ferry  back to the terminal at the Isle of Wight where he caught the ferry back to the mainland.

We carried on a relatively fast cycle into Portsmouth, where the day finished with a visit to Berkeleyestate agents and the entertaining sight of the Marsh & Parson team having to push their mini bus to jump start it after cycling some 50 or so mile because the driver had fallen asleep with the radio on! Again thanks to the sponsors The Property Ombudsman

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Jon Cooke