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The Property Cycle - Day 26 - Maldon To Herne Bay

August 24th 2012
By: Acquarone

Jon Cooke, director at  Intercounty has been cycling around the UK to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his lastest blog about his journey.

The day started In Maldon at 8am where we met John Healey mybrother-in-law who is a keen and very experienced cyclist and Mark Montgomery from Myhomemove who is by his own admission isnot! We started off at a relatively slow pace and all we could hear was Mark’s bike squeaking, as it probably hadn’t seen any oil since the day it was made. We split into 2 groups, the fast group and the not so fast group for the  journeyalong the relatively busy road to our first estate agency visit, John Fisk in Benfleet, where they had the balloons out and gave us a great welcome. Most of the morning was spent debating how we could get across the Thames, we finally agreed to try the foot ferry to Graves End.

No one was really sure if it was still operating but Google seemed pretty sure it was - and thank you to the ferry man who gave us all free passage as we are on a charity cycle ride! We crossed the Thames to Graves End, John Heanley then left us and the remainder of us cycled on via Faversham to our final destination Herne Bay.

The latter part of the day being along a particularly nice coastal route to Whitstable and along the beach to Herne Bay to a very warm welcome by Kents Estate Agents who put a function on for us, having collected money in the street during the afternoon, invited clients, vendors and just about everyone and supplied a superb spread. We then had the interesting and challenging problem of accommodation which culminated in Graham our head of support suggesting Margate, us turning up at said Margate Hotel and doing a runner within half an hour as it was so horrible. So we jumped in the car back to Herne Bay.

Thank you to our sponsors for the day Hunters Estate Agents

Jon Cooke

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