The Property Cycle Blog - Day 8 Barry To Carmarthen

August 7th 2012
By: Acquarone

Jon Cooke, director at  Intercounty has been cycling around the UK to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his lastest blog about his journey.

Early start, leaving what is quite possibly the worst camp site in the UK, next to a main road under the runway with a rundown ‘BatesMotel’ hotel next door, and a toilet you wouldn’t want to spend too long in!

Great news - Sam is back in the saddle, but weather is looking decidedly dodgy with sunny spells, rain and bit of wind thrown in. No agents joining us today (can’t say I blame them) pretty uneventful cycle to Carmarthen, Sean spent most of the day having to listen to me moaning about my injuries…. I had been strapped up by the physio (literally) for a bit of tendonitis (whatever that is) in my achilles tendon and had started to pop my first pills, (a concoction of anti-inflammatory and pain killer), anything to keep me going.

A big thank you to our blind resident physio, Chris Lewis, who is having to familiarise himself daily with the geography of the camp site and its facilities, as well as put up with some grumpy support staff and tired and aching cyclists. The day finished with a respectable 72 miles and a big thank you to our sponsors, Genmar.

Jon Cooke

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