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The Property Cycle - A Final Update From Martin On The Scottish Section

August 22nd 2012
By: Acquarone

Martin Farrington, associate director at Intercounty is participating in the a charity cycle through Scotland to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his last update.

Hi All,

You may be wondering what has happened to me as I am a day late with the report.

We finished the ride at John O Groats on Saturday about 5ish after a 118 mile ride, this was assisted early by a group of riders who were finishing their own journey from Lands End to John O Groats.

I Hooked up with a group of six all working together to complete the last leg of their journey, each person taking a turn at the front of the cycling chain which aids the remaining riders who benefit from the draft behind. We cracked on at a decent pace each leading out, but after about 30 miles for them and 40 for me they stopped with their support crew so I pushed on solo, always expecting them to appear behind me at some stage. (a group of six generally rides a lot quicker than a solo rider).

I was feeling the fittest i had been all week and agreed with Graham to stop at around 68 miles for a snack after which we started to do some climbing and this is where i met the earlier group again with their support team having their break.

So pushing on now determined not to be over taken I span up the climbs, occasionally seeing other charity riders in front of me to chase down. (Not that I’m competitive).

Anyway i finished well ahead of the group and refuelled with some fine Ale whilst the support team ( Graham) enjoyed his last cigar (checkout Grahams facebook page).

We proceeded to pack up and spent 16 hrs driving back from that end of the country in a Zoopla Landrover with maximum speed of 50 miles an hour picking up our trailer from Newcastle on the way.

I think Graham is as shattered as i am as he did most of the driving whilst i tried to sleep off my aches and pains, which are now multiplying, i should have gone out for a ride today but the garden seemed a better place to be.

Thanks to you all for the support and a very special thanks to Graham for his encouragement and assistance and Yourmove for their sponsorship of the Scottish Leg.


Martin Farrington

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