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The new snap and pack Ikea app

September 7th 2017
By: Melanie
The new snap and pack Ikea app

At Intercounty we are always interested in all things houses so when we heard about the new try before you buy app from Ikea it spiked our curiosity.

The new app is called Ikea Place and has been designed to help their customers chose the right furniture for their home. The application has been designed with simplicity in mind, so even the tech phobic can easily grasp how to use it – just download and then point your phones camera at the area in your house you would like to place a piece of furniture. For example if you wanted to buy a king sized bed and two bedside tables it would superimpose an accurately scaled image of the Ikea furniture you are considering purchasing. We think this is a brilliant idea.

If you would like to change the whole look of your interior design how about trying out Colour Snap, this handy app allows you to visual of what your room will look like in a particular colour or shade of colour.